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Quantum Healer, Teacher, Conscious Medium, Akashic Records Reader

Jamie is a modern-day healer, empowering others to connect with their Higher Self and remember who they truly are.  She has a deep-seated call and intention to create authentic, heartfelt connection and support others on their path.

I was introduced to the Akashic Records in 2014 when I had my first Akashic Record reading. Since then my life has forever changed. Being in complete resonance with the Akashic Records and its infinite knowledge and wisdom, I was soon on the path of learning to read the Records for myself and others; then became an Advanced Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and soon to be Teacher.

I am honored to deliver messages from your Higher Self and Spirit Team; to bring infinite clarity, empowerment, and greater meaning and guidance to your relationships, health, career, and much more.  Enabling you to truly understand growth opportunities from your Souls' perspective, bringing to light your Souls Purposes, Power, and Passions.

I find immense reward in empowering you to align with your souls' path, gaining clarity on ways you can harness the guidance from your highest self to make soul led decisions and to remember the reasons behind circumstances you may be facing now.  In turn, finding greater fulfillment, abundance, and ease in life.


In working with a myriad of clients, I’m grateful to have had the privilege to bear witness to deep transformational healing and change when working with the powerful resource of the Akashic Records. 

I am honored to assist you on your soul's journey of healing and transformation!

"The Answers Exist Within YOU"

Jamie Bulrice

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