How the Akashic Records can Heal Ancestral Patterns

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Have you ever noticed similar patterns of behavior or common themes in family dynamics? Perhaps addiction, lack of empowerment, health issues, limiting belief systems, money challenges, responsibility and ownership and so much more.

How can the Akashic Records Help?

The Akashic Records can make sense of soul patterns and contracts, clear out challenging karma and shed light on how family of origin behavior are holding you back from stepping into your power and true authentic self.

Let the Akashic Records guide you in being the first one in your family lineage to become conscious of broken patterns of behavior that are no longer serving the greater good of the family line and heal and change the course of the ancestral cycle forever!

The Akashic Records will empower you to take the courageous steps in breaking limiting thought patterns and beliefs about your capabilities, talents, and overwhelming abundance in your life!

Grab hold of the reins and allow your Master’s, Teachers and keepers of your records to empower you to make new choices that liberate you, and lead with Soul Intention with unwavering determination and unbridled excitement!

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