How the Akashic Records can help to Heal your Relationships

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

The Akashic Records are a way to gain insight and clarity into family, romantic and professional relationships

Have you ever felt like you’ve known someone before? 

Or maybe you feel and instant kinship or familiarity with someone you’ve just met? 

Perhaps there is friction between you and a co-worker or a distant relative?

The Akashic Records can assist you in understanding the inter-workings of soul-level contracts you’ve made that have carried over lifetime after lifetime. 

They can lend clarity of repeating patterns of behavior, break the chains and unconscious “loops” and help recreate new levels of awareness and empower you to make heart centered, mindful changes liberating you from pain and anxiety to freedom and abundance!

Explore significant relationship issues from the perspective of your soul.  Discover and heal unwanted patterns of behaviors, your part in them and how you can heal and overcome obstacles in your relationships.

Understand soul-level connections with family, friends, your children, pets and colleagues and help improve communication, blockages and misunderstandings.

Identify kindred spirits, reveal past life connections and family of origin connections and bonds.

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