Divine Clarity, Soul-Level  Healing & Profound Transformation 

Soul Purposes

Create alignment between  heartfelt values and natural abilities 


Set boundaries, end cycles and attract relationships that reflect back your own beauty

Ancestral Patterns

Identify and liberate yourself from the chains and patterns of your ancestral lineage 

Heal Past Lives

Experience fully integrated health.  Align with physical, emotional and spiritual vitality

Receive Soul-Level Guidance From Your Akashic Records

Opening your Akashic Records and working with your Higher Self & Guides awakens your
heart to the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of achieving as an eternal
and dynamically evolving soul.  The uplifting experience of an Akashic Record reading will help you to experience freedom, create optimal results in your life, improve relationships, and live a soul-led life.


The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that holds a vibrational archive of each soul and its journey - the souls' blueprint. They’re energetic records of every thought, feeling, experience, and circumstance that has happened throughout the course of your soul’s existence.  

The word “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning, “primary substance”, out of which all things are formed.  


The Akashic Records are the sum total of accumulated wisdom and infinite knowledge of the universe and all existence.  Everything that is “you” (past, present, and future) has an energetic “imprint”. These imprints are stored as “records” within a vibrational field.


During an Akashic Record reading your soul will be recognized, unconditionally supported, and loved. Akashic Record readings are always healing, transformational, gentle, and uplifting.


The wisdom and insight gained from an Akashic Record reading will help you step into your souls' ultimate truth, creating alignment between your heartfelt values and your natural abilities - it will liberate and assist you in reclaiming your true authenticity.

I will work with you on a soul level to interpret greater meaning and guidance with relationships, health, and career obstacles in this life.  An Akashic Record reading will help you gain clarity on ways you can harness the guidance from your highest self to make soul led decisions and to remember the reasons behind circumstances you may be facing now.

See yourself and your obstacles from your soul's perspective and learn to see difficulties and solutions through the eyes of Love and Light.  

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Jamie Bulrice is a spiritual guide, teacher and conscious channel with a lifelong passion for transformational healing. She uses the Akashic Records to assist others in living happier, healthier and more integrated lives.

During a session, Jamie will open a channel of communication with your soul's support system; allowing you to ask questions, gain insight and feel unconditionally supported and loved.  She’ll help identify and explore the connection between your human talents, abilities and accomplishments, and your soul's purposes.  Are you ready for a soul journey? 

You Cannot Perceive that Which You're not the Vibration of - Bashar


”I had an incredible experience with Jamie.   I could feel the truth of it in my heart. Jamie brings not only the content, which you will feel true in your heart, but the light and energy of the spiritual world, which is a real gift! It was transformative! Our session was a lot like going to the spiritual spa — my heart felt uplifted, and I now feel more clear that I am living my purpose in the world.”

—  Heather